Brush Party

Eight Ladies attended the Brush Party at the Barley Mow Public House in Winchfield.

This fun evening originated in the USA which is know and Paint and Sip. 

The  thought behind it is, that everyone has a masterpiece in them. The evening takes you through a painting class whilst having a glass of wine (or two), even if you don't think you can paint you will come home with something stunning to put on your wall! 

It was such fun and we are looking forward to the next one. Please come and join us.

Blank Canvases             Blank Canvases               Chips go with everything!

                                   Blank Canvasses                                                   Chips go with everything!

Back ground           More Background painting               Moon and island added

                                  Back ground covering                                           Moon and island added

Admiring each others work!           Allyson's got it cracked!!                Serious business adding trees and grass

Admiring each others work!!            Allyson's got it cracked!                    Serious business adding trees and grass.

                                                     The Masterpiece!! Didn't we do well!

                             The masterpiece